Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Pom Pom Garland Tutorial

So I posted this garland I made on IG and had a few questions so I decided to make a quick tutorial.

My Mom taught me how to make these when I was very little. She used to put them in my pony tails & at the end of her yarn wall thingys...think 70's LOL I love this memory with her and taught my girls how to make them too.

I haven't made these in years but noticed they were making a comeback. I felt like being crafty & wanted a banner/garland but didn't have a lot of time. So tada.... My Chistmas Pom Pom garland.

Tutorial below :)

****the fork used is a larger serving fork not a table fork. But I know it can be used with a smaller fork because that's the size we made when I was little. The Pom Poms will of course be smaller though.

Wrap the yarn around fork. I did it by eye mostly but it's wrapped about 70 times. You can play around with this, less would be a loose Pom Pom & more would be a really tight Pom Pom. Cut end off.

Cut a 5 inch piece of yarn and tie around the center of bundle while it's still on fork. Make sure it's tight. (There is a way of keeping the ends longer and using them to tie it off. I just find using a separate piece of yarn easier & helps to get it tighter in center)

Remove from fork and snip through the loops.

You can trim the Pom Pom to get the ball more even if you like. (My Mama called this giving it a haircut)

Thread your Pom Poms on doubled thread. I used metallic but any thread will do. You can even use the yarn itself using a larger needle.

To keep them from sliding around I hot glued the the Pom Poms in place after I adjusted how far apart I wanted them.

And that's it...quick & easy.

Thanks so much for stopping by!