Thursday, October 31, 2013

Not Too Spooky

Happy Halloween!

Hey today I have a fun & easy tutorial on the Come on Get Crafty blog. I'm showing you how to make your non themed products spookier using liquid appliqué. It's a fun technique and a medium I've enjoyed using for years. You can head on over to the blog to see full tutorial... Here's the finished page.


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aly Then & Now

I was hysterical when Aly showed me this photo of herself side by side. First photo was taken in 1999, second photo was taken 2013. But I have to add this per Aly

*Disclaimer* the face in 2013 was made strictly to replicate the 1999 photograph

She does not want anyone to think that is her actual facial expression! LMAO! Crazy girl!

As you'll see on the layout, I realized yesterday how many mists I own so I got a little misty on my page. (I may have also ordered 10 more recently, lol)

There's a cute little bird for Aly Bird. You may not know this but I try to get a bird on her pages as often as I can because of her nickname.
There's that disclaimer.... LOL

Used some of the fabulous WP Allison Kreft Recorded line along with some Freckled Fawn wood veneer from the Come on Get Crafty shop. You should check the shop out, fantastic shipping!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Without Change There Would Be No Butterflies

If you are a woman than you were a 13 year old girl, and you know how trying it can be at that age. I made this layout to let my daughter Sophia know how proud I am of her and the little changes she makes each day to better herself. Love you Fia xoxo



Hope you all are having a fantabulous weekend!


Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Four Generations

Today I have a layout over on the Come on Get Crafty Blog for their weekly Product Showcase. Today I am showcasing Crate Papers close Knit collection. I used some very special photos for it including a heritage photo of my Nanny & Mama.

For my wedding last year my Aunt gave me a thumb drive with all these pictures of my Mother that I have never seen before. Including the one on the layout. It's of my Grandma (Nanny) & my Mother on her confirmation day. The other photo is of my wedding with my Sister & Daughters. So combine the 2 & you have Four Generations of women. I love this layout so much! I even used some of Mama's buttons from her button collection. I inherited it when she passed. It is one of my most prized possessions. Throughout my childhood I played and stared at these buttons all the time. There was just something about them.

See the buttons? I heart this!

My Mothers father made her that dress for her confirmation & I remember her telling me how much she loved it.

My Mom & Nanny played BINGO all the time so that BINGO die cut is perfect in the cluster by their photo. And see that alteration ticket by the photo of my Sister, Daughters and myself? Well that reminded me of all the dress decidsions and times spent in the 2 bridal salons I used.

I don't normally handwrite on my layouts, but I thought this layout deserved it. Will definitely treasure this layout!

So glad to share this today :)


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fia - Life is Prettier With You

This has to be one of my all time favorite photos of this girl. She was such a fun cute little kid. At 13 she still has that fun personality & is still a cutie. Although I wish my baby would slow down getting older. Wish time could slow down sometimes. Xoxo

Those gelatos are quickly becoming a favorite art medium to use. I might just have every color ;)



You can get some of that pretty Elle's Studio over at the Come on Get Crafty shop.


Monday, October 21, 2013

Random Facts

Had a blast making this layout. So much fun remembering all these tidbits about myself. Wish I had something like this about my Mom... Glad my kids will have it about me.

You can find all these facts at the end of this post :) so if you're interested scroll till the end :)


Jennifer Ciriano

Age 37


Favorite smell is honeysuckle

Was in a professional aerobics video when I was 12

My Mom dressed me like Barbara Mandrel throughout kindergarten

I have a tattoo of double hearts (our wedding theme) on my lower back

I have OCD tendencies

I am a Brooklyn girl

I love Betty Boop

I love corny Sci-Fi movies

I come froma huge family with over 60 first cousins

I adore gloomy rainy days

I wish I was a chef

I can't touch the cotton inside of a medicine bottle

I was a dancer & instructor in my younger years

The tops & bottoms of my PJ's have to match

I use big words

I fear fire

I'm a Barbie girl




Friday, October 18, 2013

So Very Proud Of You

I have a layout up on the Come on Get Crafty blog today. Sharing some of my favorite things. Which if you know my layouts includes CP Maggie Holmes & AC Dear Lizzy.



Happy Friday Peeps!



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Super Silly Selfies

This is from one of our nights hanging outside our hotel while on vacation in Mt. laurel. We seem to have the best memories just chilling at night. We snapped the first selfie & then just kept snapping. We had lots of giggles taking these. I'm not overly fond of the way I look but the memories behind these are worth documenting.

I have been consciously trying to get in more photos with my kids. Out of the gazillions of photos I have of them, I'm not in many and that makes me sad. My favorite pictures of my childhood are those I have with my Mother. I want my kids to have that too, no matter what I look like....wrinkles and all lol

Used SC October antiquary kit which went so well with WRMK chalkboard line. I also have some of the new Amy Tangerine cut & paste on there. It seems like I can always find some Amy Tan products that go well with almost anything! Love her stuff!



Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baby New Year

Michael is my New Years baby! Kind of funny that I had a child on New Years. When I was little I loved loved loved anything with a New Years baby on it. My Mom actually had decorations with the baby on it throughout the house for New Years. I loved the movie & used to draw him all the time!

I went into labor with Mikey on New Year's Eve, I was actually just going up to visit my sister who had my nephew George on the 29th. Well before I got to my sisters room my doctor saw me & said "oh no, you're coming with me" he must have seen something on my face, lol. I didn't even realize I was in labor! Next thing you know I'm in a gown in the birthing room. They really thought Mikey would be the first baby of the year. The hospital was on the phone with the press and everything! It just so happened my contractions stopped and Mikey wasn't the first baby of the year for New York but he was the first baby born in that hospital for 1999. When his first birthday rolled around in 2000 I knew these had to be the pictures taken :)

Never got to "actually" visit my sister Gigi & baby nephew. I actually got something better... We got to share a room. They also let Gigi & my brother inlaw in the birthing room to watch the ball drop!!! Pretty cool if you ask me :)



Wasn't he just the cutest! Xoxoxo


Christmas Pajamas

Every year before on Christmas Eve the kids each get one present. Christmas PJ's! They get so excited for them. It's become a favorite tradition. After that we put baby Jesus in the manger & sing Happy Birthday. That is a tradition I started as a toddler. So glad I was able to pass that one onto my kiddies. :)

Used some water colors to soften the background a bit. All the tid bits are from Basic Grey waterfall packs. Which by the way I'm obsessed with! I think I have every pack lol.






Thursday, October 10, 2013

Oh My Mikey

What can I say this kid is silly crazy! LOL He is now almost 15 & is still as silly as ever! Gotta love him! Xoxo

Finally got to use a piece of my OA space age stash!





Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aly & Mikey Snowstorm 1999

I adore these pictures of my two oldest. It was Mikey's first experience in the snow and Alys first time having a sibling to play with her in a snowstorms aftermath. I don't remember all the details but what stands out is how happy the 3 of us were. AND how fun it was!

I have 2 layouts for you. They will go in my album side by side with an insert for the extra photos. I tried to make a girl version and a boy version. So Aly's has pink and aqua. Mikey's has red and navy.

It's amazing to me because they started out like this....

Just 2 photos, 2 pattern papers & 2 embellishments. That's all that's need to spark a little creative inspiration!


Here are some detailed shots