Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My Scrap Space!

Tada... after all that work, my new scrap space is done! 
As some of you may know I was sharing an office with my fiance up until now. Well he had enough of me overtaking the space & I had enough of dragging alllll that stuff in & out of the office. 
So here is the solution.... 
A beautiful (HUGE) bookcase in my living room. It's over 6 feet tall. I had to disguise my supplies as best I could. I think I did a nice job. I was actually hugging it before.LOL

Ok so here's whats in it.
The 3 smaller baskets hold my punches, border punches & coloring supplies. (Mists, chalks, stickles, etc.each type in zippered clear bags)
The long basket contains my most used tools.
Oh I forgot...behind the long basket are 4 tackle boxes full of ribbon scraps, twine & most of all fibers!
The glass jars have flowers & ribbon/tape spools.
The Cricut is out & plugged in & ready to go for the first time. I always had to lug it in & out of the room. So I didn't use it as much as I should. I'm so excited to have it right there!
The boxes on top contain extra adhesive & unfinished mini albums.
PS the door knobs are even. It was just open slightly when picture was taken.
Here's my 12x12  paper I like the most along with some paper stacks & journaling cards.

To the right of the bookcase is some more hidden storage.
The red boxes contain my sizzix dies, spellbinders & odds & ends.
The trunk contains extra paper & again some weird shaped odds & ends.
That little black & white basket contains my monthly kits I belong to before they get sorted.

So of course it couldn't all fit pretty in my living room so my wonderful fiance doesn't mind me keeping a few things in the office. It's pretty much self explanatory except for that beige basket on top left. That is my secret to staying organized. That is my incoming box. We all bring tons of new product in our houses as scrapbookers, right? Well what happens next? I'll tell ya....it sits in a bag waiting to be put away. And how quickly does that ever happen?? So my stuff sits neatly in this box until I can sort it or use it.

The clip it up doesn't stay on top of bookshelf I just put it there for picture. It's in a corner along with my carousel tool caddy & Cricut expression.

Ok last but not least.... STILL some stuff in foyer closet. 
The 4 binders are embellishment odds & ends, printed cricut library, stamps & my old 8 1/2 x 11 pattern paper. (No I can't let go of it LOL)
Then there's my adhesive tool caddy which is actually a diaper caddy. Also my Big shot, dream kuts, bind it all & a few more odds & ends. 
Oh & my thickers are in here.

 Sorry it's so long. Thanks for looking. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
As for me I'm happy as a pig in mud right now!

Guess what I'm doing all day tomorrow? Making a mess out of it all & scrapping my heart away. I've felt deprived while in this process!


I just wanted to say a special thanks to Tony for helping me & being the major muscle in this & for always supporting me & my passion! xo


  1. Congrats and job well done...it looks GREAT!!!

  2. It looks wonderful! Enjoy your new space!

  3. So nice and organized! Can you come over and organize my space? lol!

  4. Thanks guys! I can't wait to play tomorrow!
    Pam......Gimme a month or 2 to recover LOL

  5. Very organized, great job! Looks wonderful. Enjoy creating!

  6. Awesome! Getting a new house soon and hope my scrappy space will be that pretty!

  7. Great Job, Jenn! Enjoy your awesome space! I'm following now so I can see what you create in there ;)

  8. wow 2 awesome love how you got everythings

  9. Everything looks so nice! But where do you "scrap"? The dining room table? Love the trunk and red boxes. Now off to organize my scrap room!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. Awesome, looks fabulous! Wow look at your stash! :)