Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Ok so this is my first WOYWW. Seems like a lot of fun! Figured I'd give it a whirl. Plus I set up my scrap space with a semi-permanent spot for my table. Kids couldn't watch TV when I was sitting in the middle of the room LOL. I can still take this all down in 15-20 minutes in case company's coming. If anyone just shows up, chances are they know me well enough to know that I make a scrap mess & will give me a pass on tidiness. You know, plus I'm an artist & all...That's what we do....Right??? 

You can go on over to Julia's blog & see what this is all about here at the Stamping Ground
Lot's of links to everyone's desks. So interesting to see other's work area's. 

 So not too much on my desk right now. I should have taken the picture 2 hours ago, it was a disaster. I promise next week you'll see it in all it's glory.

I have my LRS monthly kit  that came today. Lot's of Bo bunny Alora in there. This is why I subscribe to my monthly kit clubs. I actually belong to quite a few. I get to get product I normally wouldn't buy for myself. It's great. I can see some cute projects with this kit already.

I also have a layout I made in the past where the letters fell off. I'm just gonna glue them all done with some wet glue in a little bit. There is a thread over on 2Peas about just this. It reminded me about this layout. Those letters didn't stick from the get go.

I also have some picture wire strung in front of my desk/table. I have things I want to remember to use, right in front of me. This has been working out great for me. I'm sure things will be rotated as time goes on. It's actually pretty fun going through my stash to find stuff to hang on there. Most of my embellies are on a clip it up so it just goes from my CIU to the wire. Love seeing it all!

Ok well that was long winded, sorry for that. Without further adieu........ My 1st ever WOYWW. 


  1. THICKERS! that's all I have to say on the subject of non-sticky letters. Oh, and ARGH!!!
    Welcome to WOYWW, lovely to see your space. Your blog decor is so pretty - makes my eyes go floaty!
    I like the idea of the embellies on the wire..but I don't have the discipline to rotate them...for sure!

  2. Welcome to WOYWW be warned its addictive but fun! love your desk, lots of makes going on, Have a great week, Hugs May x x x

  3. Nice to see a new face on WOYWW, this is my 4th and as May says - it is very addictive but hard work getting round to everyone. Love you work space and decor! Regards, Anne #47

  4. Welcome! It's a fun Wednesday get-together!

  5. Love the wire in front of your desk, remind us to use some of our stash!!! Will have to check out WOYWW next Wednesday!

  6. I did my first WOYWW this week as well :)
    I love your craft space, very inspiring.

  7. Hello - this is addictive you know, once you start! Great crafty space. Hey ho it's Friday but I'm still snooping the WOYWW desks & loving every minute! Take care Zo xx33

  8. Thank you all....having a blast going thru WOYWW spaces!