Monday, May 7, 2012

Ikea & my new & improved scrap space!

Took a trip to Ikea last week for a new desk. My table began to buckle in the center & it was no fun. While there I decided to get a new chair & a few odds & ends.
After putting these together all that day by myself. (yes I am patting myself on the back) I wound up with a space that I love & is soooooo functional.
I just sit there & do nothing sometimes. 
Oh also take note of the Swedish meatballs that I can't resist. Did you know they sell them there frozen? Ummm yeah 2 bags came home with us. LOL
Also.....couldn't resist taking a picture of the ever so popular potty people. I had to be extra sneaky because I looked as if I was taking pictures of people leaving the bathroom LOL I looked like a total weirdo. 
BUT I know you guys understand!

Did I say how much I love my new space?

Oh let me not forget my new spinner organizer from Harbor Freight. The girls over at Studio Calico turned me on to this little gem. Thanks SC girls! (Shanna Noel especially for posting about it first:) ) Man alive you can pack that thing with all kinds of goodies.

I wound up putting a few of my roller stamps on the magnetic knife rack too.
Wish I bought a second one for the rest. Well I guess that means another trip to IKEA! Aww shucks  :P

One day I'll do a more detailed post of my space & how I have it all organized.

Thanks so very much for looking!!! 


  1. What a pretty room (and clean and organized, too) get to work lol. Really looks nice.

  2. Oh man....I need an Ikea around here! What a great space you have!

  3. Oh, sweet! Love the way your room is set up.

  4. Oh wow! Nicely done!! Hmm...need to check out Ikea ;0P TFS!! Enjoy that room!

  5. Looks fantastic! My space is an awful mess right now- I bought entirely too many things at once and now have to try to figure out how to organize everything. I wish I could mosey on over to Red Hook but I lack the space. Have fun in your new space!

  6. Your room looks fantastic! I was just at Harbor Freight, I guess I will be going again, love that spinner! I wish my Ikea was not a two hour drive away!!!

  7. WOW! Can I come over and play?!?


  8. Such a lovely room and a great and well organized work space, good for you. Lots of new play things. #147

  9. WOW!! great space and great organizing...way to go ,you!


  10. Your scraproom looks pretty amazing with everything so organized !