Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Project Life Cover Page 2013

Ok I'm in....LOL Finally jumped on the Project Life bandwagon & I am loving it!!!! I'm on week 3 now. I originally thought that I wouldn't have enough to fill a week & was just going to do monthly. Well low & behold I have way more to remember than I thought. I also didn't think the kids would let me take pictures of their everyday either & boy was I wrong. They too are totally digging this. I even got my husband to bring home ticket stubs & even took a camera with him to get a shot & he took 5!! LOL

Anyway, like I said, I'm all over this!! I am using the Studio Calico PL kit. I also have Becky Higgins PL Clementine, Seafoam & all 3 childhood additions with plans on getting Honey, Kraft & Midnight when they are in stores in the Spring. 

I also love using Chic Tags & Elle's studio! 

In the 3 weeks doing this I quickly learned that I prefer the white bases as opposed to the creams. Just my personal preference. Although I love this page I wish it was white based. The stick people represent our lives this year. Tony & I still in our honeymoon stage LOL. Alyssa will be graduating High School. Michael will be graduating Junior High. Sophia is growing up too fast but is still my baby girl. I even included our pets. Bugsy the bunny, Dribbles the turtle, Hercules the Gecko & our parakeets Tinkerbell & Larry Bird (On a sad note; our crazy Larry Bird is in heaven now but is still part of the family)

Looking forward to being able to have a glimpse into our everyday lives because these moments are just as important as the BIG stuff! :)

I am very blessed & I am grateful for that!


  1. LOVE your cover page! :) Those stick figures are awesome!! :)

    1. Thank you! I fell in love with those stick figures!