Sunday, November 27, 2011

Inspiration Push # 1 + Jenns Doodles banner

OK so this weeks "inspiration push" is the very first one!!!!

The item from your stash is something I'm sure we all have. I for one bought lots of it because it was so shiny! I must say... I have not used any of it NOT once! Nor have I seen much of it in the scrapbook galleries. So I'm guessing there's plentiful in your stash like there is in mine.
Again, it was shiny. I like shiny things. I had to have it!
The first item is......(shiny) foiled patterned paper.
Like this >>>>>

So let's see what we can come up with using this pretty patterned paper.

The Quote I chose this week is in honor of Thanksgiving. I'm sure lots of you took some Turkey day pictures.
"A thankful heart is a happy heart"
Not very snazzy...nice & simple. Use it as is OR use it as a jumping off point for a layout.

So we have:

Inspiration Push # 1
:Stash:  Foiled pattern paper 
:Quote: "A thankful heart is a happy heart"

Have fun creating & using up your stash!
Remember this is a no pressure, have fun while making a dent in your stash kinda thing.
Get inspired....

Here's what I came up with using the shiny foiled pattern paper....

This will one day find a spot in my dream scrap room......

Enjoy & have fun!!!

~Jenns Doodles

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