Monday, November 18, 2013

You Can Go Your Own Way (Process)

My beautiful daughter Alyssa. She has always been unique to herself. And one of the traits I admire the most about her is that she is not a follower. I was very proud of her in the younger teen years because of this.



Ok so I've tried my hand at a process video. If I decide to do another I will try to improve on this. I downloaded a simple video app & gave it a go.

It's very simple for now & set to music. Not sure you are all ready for my Brooklynese accent lol. Just kidding (sorta) but I'm not sure how to video live. The simple app I downloaded doesn't have many functions & I'm unsure what app to use. I also take forever to complete a layout, so I would need to speed it up.

I need to look into it, I am considering it for the future though... ;)

Would love to know what you all think. **I do know that next time I'll upload with a higher resolution.**

Thanks so much for looking & watching!



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