Thursday, February 2, 2012

Organizational tip ~ Distress Ink storage

So I've been seeing a lot of people asking about distress ink storage along with the applicators. So I thought I'd share what I've done. Yes...another makeup bag LOL. You will soon notice that I use these a lot! They are economical & easy to clean. They are also usually colorful & pretty! So here it is....... 

So I just labeled all the ink pads. I then placed all the sponge applicators in little ziploc bags & labeled them too. To take it a little further I inked the labels on the bags. I did notice while doing this how accurate the representation of the color is on the ink pad covers are. So you can skip this step. I like it because I have all those baggies in the zippered pouch & when searching for it I can see the color. So if I'm looking for tumbled glass I can see a blue baggie & it makes a little easier. I still have plenty of room in there for the applicators, zippered bag & room for more ♥ inks ♥

I ♥ me some Tim Holtz !!! LOL

Have a fantastic day!!!  


  1. That is a great idea, i never thought about a make-up bag for storage, but it makes so much sense.

  2. Great ideas--and I can't believe I never thought of storing the sponge or daubers with the ink pads in bags like that!

  3. Great job on the organizing! I would just add that, I use a large hair band, to keep the ink closed, and it holds the sponge pad under the ink pad, so that when I pick up the ink pad the correct sponge is already under the pad, waiting for me. I don't even bother putting it in a baggie, works great! Give it a try and let me know how you like it. Love Penny

  4. Great idea! I need to organize my sponges, so thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Great tips! Super job being so organized. Doesn't it feel wonderful?

    1. Feels great! I've always been very organized. At one point I even had my pantry labeled LOL Don't ask. :)

  6. Love this idea. I really liked the way you store the sponges too.

  7. Love this idea. Mine are a mess in a bowl and I've been needing a way to label the sponges and keep them neat. I am totally doing this! Thanks for sharing. :)