Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today is a GOOD day!!!

Well let me start off by telling you that Tony & I are on a little mini Vaca!! If that isn't enough....I went to a real scrapbook store!!! Went to Scrappers Playground out in Long Island today! What a nice store. Totally loved how everything was all set up. The women were so lovely & so nice! Such a nicer experience than going to Michael's or ordering online. I so wish I lived closer! They were actually having a crop next door today. I've never been to a crop. As I like to say...I'm the only scrapper I ever met LOL. Looks like they were having fun. Wish I could have stayed & played. Maybe next time. Poor Tony was waiting in the car. I'm such a lucky duck to have him. He totally supports me & my habit err I mean hobby.
Ok so look at all the goodies.....
Loving Authentique & Echo Park This & That, Oh & let's not forget A boy's Life by EP. Who are we kidding I obviously loved a lot of it....Just take a look

Can't wait to go back! Maybe on our way home Monday! (wink wink)

Afterwards we had Arby's which I love but never get to eat because I have none near me. Now I'm relaxing with a glass of wine. Tomorrow we'll have breakfast at Ihop, relax & then go to a lovely dinner.
Love my mini Vaca's with my Tony.

Love the scrapbook shopping almost just as much LOL
Although if I had a scrapbook store closer to me, we may need to live in a cardboard box.
Today was a was a good day.
Looking forward to making all kinds of scrappy goodness!


  1. ooh, that is awesome!!!! have fun staring at all your goodies :)

  2. Nice haul! I like the shopping almost as much as the scrapping. Enjoy the rest of your vaca!

  3. Wowww that is some nice ScrapPorn up there!!! I've seriously gotta go to Long Island. Which reminds me of how sick my shopping mind has become... I was talking with a friend over where to go for 'Spring Break,' (I gotta put that in quotes, cuz I am way too old to actually have SPRING BREAK anymore, but I still hafta have a trip every March, lol) and I was thinking about where to go that had a really cool paper store,..

    and thanks so much for your very nice comment on my blog! That made my day!


    1. Yeah it was pretty cool! Definitely need to go there again! And you are very welcome kory!

  4. I don't want to put any of it away because I want to keep looking at it & going through it all LOL. Think tomorrow I'm gonna dig into & get some scrappy stuff done!

  5. I hit up Scrappers Playground when I'm out there visiting family. Great store!

    1. Totally loved it. Was so great to see & touch it all before buying.