Saturday, October 12, 2013

Baby New Year

Michael is my New Years baby! Kind of funny that I had a child on New Years. When I was little I loved loved loved anything with a New Years baby on it. My Mom actually had decorations with the baby on it throughout the house for New Years. I loved the movie & used to draw him all the time!

I went into labor with Mikey on New Year's Eve, I was actually just going up to visit my sister who had my nephew George on the 29th. Well before I got to my sisters room my doctor saw me & said "oh no, you're coming with me" he must have seen something on my face, lol. I didn't even realize I was in labor! Next thing you know I'm in a gown in the birthing room. They really thought Mikey would be the first baby of the year. The hospital was on the phone with the press and everything! It just so happened my contractions stopped and Mikey wasn't the first baby of the year for New York but he was the first baby born in that hospital for 1999. When his first birthday rolled around in 2000 I knew these had to be the pictures taken :)

Never got to "actually" visit my sister Gigi & baby nephew. I actually got something better... We got to share a room. They also let Gigi & my brother inlaw in the birthing room to watch the ball drop!!! Pretty cool if you ask me :)



Wasn't he just the cutest! Xoxoxo


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