Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aly Then & Now

I was hysterical when Aly showed me this photo of herself side by side. First photo was taken in 1999, second photo was taken 2013. But I have to add this per Aly

*Disclaimer* the face in 2013 was made strictly to replicate the 1999 photograph

She does not want anyone to think that is her actual facial expression! LMAO! Crazy girl!

As you'll see on the layout, I realized yesterday how many mists I own so I got a little misty on my page. (I may have also ordered 10 more recently, lol)

There's a cute little bird for Aly Bird. You may not know this but I try to get a bird on her pages as often as I can because of her nickname.
There's that disclaimer.... LOL

Used some of the fabulous WP Allison Kreft Recorded line along with some Freckled Fawn wood veneer from the Come on Get Crafty shop. You should check the shop out, fantastic shipping!


  1. Such a great layout! :) Love that she recreated that face, she's such a gorgeous girl!! :) It's funny you mention about adding a bird to her pages ... my niece is named Paisley, so I always incorporate something paisley on her pages! :)

    1. Thanks so much Tanya and oh my goodness, Paislee!!! I love it!!!