Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aly & Mikey Snowstorm 1999

I adore these pictures of my two oldest. It was Mikey's first experience in the snow and Alys first time having a sibling to play with her in a snowstorms aftermath. I don't remember all the details but what stands out is how happy the 3 of us were. AND how fun it was!

I have 2 layouts for you. They will go in my album side by side with an insert for the extra photos. I tried to make a girl version and a boy version. So Aly's has pink and aqua. Mikey's has red and navy.

It's amazing to me because they started out like this....

Just 2 photos, 2 pattern papers & 2 embellishments. That's all that's need to spark a little creative inspiration!


Here are some detailed shots





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  1. I so love those colors!!! And the photos are just adorable! :)