Monday, October 21, 2013

Random Facts

Had a blast making this layout. So much fun remembering all these tidbits about myself. Wish I had something like this about my Mom... Glad my kids will have it about me.

You can find all these facts at the end of this post :) so if you're interested scroll till the end :)


Jennifer Ciriano

Age 37


Favorite smell is honeysuckle

Was in a professional aerobics video when I was 12

My Mom dressed me like Barbara Mandrel throughout kindergarten

I have a tattoo of double hearts (our wedding theme) on my lower back

I have OCD tendencies

I am a Brooklyn girl

I love Betty Boop

I love corny Sci-Fi movies

I come froma huge family with over 60 first cousins

I adore gloomy rainy days

I wish I was a chef

I can't touch the cotton inside of a medicine bottle

I was a dancer & instructor in my younger years

The tops & bottoms of my PJ's have to match

I use big words

I fear fire

I'm a Barbie girl




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