Friday, August 10, 2012

How bout having things in order while you scrap??

So remember the other day I bought a desk organizer to keep supplies in that I want to remember to use? And I said I wanted another to keep empty & use while creating a layout? Well I ran out & bought another lol. I've made several layouts using this system & it's working out perfectly. But here's the have to clean up after each project :-)

Not so much a problem for me because I do clean everything after each time. Even if I do one layout after another. I love starting off with a clean slate.

As I'm gathering my supplies I put them in the slots. If I'm also using one of my kit clubs I do keep that separate so I don't mix them in with my other supplies. They're in a kit for a reason right. I figure someone or lot's of someone's put a lot of thought into putting those supplies together.

This is another reason I'm loving this....I can keep it separate.

As I'm working all my stuff stays organized & nothing gets buried. I also have more room because I don't have piles & piles every where. It's working for me so I figured I'd share.

They are the Martha Stewart desk organizers from Staples so they are pretty too. They also do fit 12x12.

Have fun getting scrappy! 
& most importantly HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

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  1. Love this idea!!! I might have to go to Staples tomorrow to have a look at these containers. I bought something simular at the big W and have not been happy with it.

    1. Thank you & It's really a big help! & it's pretty too!

  2. I am like you, i have to clean up after each layout. I love this storage/organization idea... i think i need one of those! :)

    1. Kelly, I just have to. If I don't my brain doesn't function properly. Lot's of people think that would be a nuisance but for me it helps re-center my creativity. Oh & you do need one of these LOL