Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Badge, button, flair, whatchamacallits storage on my Harbor Freight spinner

Took a little trip to Staples today & picked up a few things...But what I was really excited to get was some magnetic tape. Look what I did with it. 
Be sure to read at the bottom for a couple of tips.

I wrapped it around my Harbor Freight spinner for all my buttons or badges or whatever you like to call them! Can't tell you how excited this made me LOL. I have soooo many of them & I always forget what I have. Now when I think my page can use one I'll just spin to find the right one. (Going to buy another roll because I will run out of room on the 2 tiers I put it on. An added plus it that they are so darn cute to be hidden away in a drawer, now I can enjoy them!

A little tip... when you first get the roll unroll it in the opposite direction & secure it for about a half hour or more. Then it will wrap around the tier easier. Also I had to secure the very edges of the tape with some washi. The tape I bought doesn't go completely around. I strategically placed it so the tape starts & ends on the part of the spinners I always keep in back. But that's my wackiness.... you may not be as OCD as I am.

*One of the edges of tape was lifting a little so make sure you secure it well. I wound up putting the washi from one end of the tape to the other... like this:

Or you can glue it if you like.

Picked up an organizer for my desk & a magnetic To Do list too.

I guess today was a shopping trip made of things to help me remember what I have so I use them. 

The desk organizer is for the paper & embellies I want to remember to use. I belong to a lot of kit clubs & I was just  grabbing a kit & adding from my stash....but for some reason I wasn't "digging" through my stash to find the real geams! My plan is to periodically go through my stash & put it in the organizer. Then as I'm working I'll just look through it.

I think I'm going to be getting another to keep empty & put the supplies of the layout I'm working on right in there. Then put away everything I didn't use as soon as I'm done with the layout. Hoping to give me some extra space on my desk.

The purchase of the To Do list is an obvious one ;)

So there you have it! 

You can see the original post about when I re-did my scrap space here My Scrap Space


  1. Brilliant! So going to try this. Thanks!!!

  2. This is an amazing idea! I have so many flair buttons that I might need two of these spinning racks!

  3. What a great idea! What a great way to see your flair!

  4. Thank you ladies. I'm really loving it!