Saturday, August 11, 2012

How cool is that! Something that made me smile....

So first I received an email from Shelley, the owner of A Flair for Buttons & she told me that she saw my spinner on my blog & that most, if not all of my buttons were actually from her store. Her buttons are actually what got me addicted. So she featured it on her blog Scrappergirl How cool is that!

By the way...Thanks Erica!

Then..... I received another email from Ellen... the senior marketing analysis for Harbor Freight Tools which somehow also saw my spinner, which kinda floored me as this is a tool company. AND they featured my idea for their spinner on their Harbor Freight Blog How cool is that!

Anyway just wanted to share because I thought it was pretty cool!

Thanks Shelley & Ellen......You sure made me day!

You can see original post here badge-button-flair-whatchamacallits

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!!


  1. Woo hoo! That is so awesome! Thanks for sharing your fabulous idea! Hugs! Shelley

  2. The spinning rack is one of the coolest 'tools' I've seen over the years. I had to get one and I'm sure Harbor Freight was wondering why they had a sudden world wide rush to get them.

    I ran right out and bought some magnetic tape to do this. Although I have a slight flair addiction and I might need a second spinning rack. ;)