Wednesday, December 14, 2011

THE Gingerbread house of 2010

Ok so here's my Gingerbread house I made last year from scratch. I'm sharing last years because I simply do not have enough time to dedicate to making one this year. It took over a week & lot's of trips to the store!
 I will be picking up some Gingerbread kits for the kids this year so they can have a little Christmas fun. I'll be sure to set time aside next year.

The pond was made by making homemade sugar candy & the stained glass windows were peppermints melted in center of windows. The back of the house is actually white cardboard cut to fit with an opening. I of course had to make it light so I needed a way to insert battery operated lights.
At one point the front broke completely in half. I was in tears but alas I fixed it with some icing & put a fruit roll up to cover. Very crafty on my part LOL.

My favorite part I think is the melted snowman. And the fact that my daughter lent me some of her figures to decorate. How sweet of her. Oh I also loved the pond. Was a little scary boiling that candy though LOL

We had tons of fun making this last year. Something we will always remember. I actually let the kids help decorate. (I'm OCD & this was hard for me LOL) I still need to scrapbook this. What a fun adventure it was creating. I was so proud of my gingerbread house when it was complete! Although a very expensive gingerbread house I might add. Who knew....i.e. the many trips to store. 
Wish my scrap supplies weren't packed away last year. As I'm looking at these pictures I'm seeing so many opportunities....especially if I used my Cricut!

Below is a picture of it all finished. Please click the ~read more~ as I have uploaded 24 pictures. 

Enjoy & Thanks so much for letting me share. If you have any questions please ask, I'll be more than happy to answer.

The snowman's head was actually part of a miniature Holiday tea set my sister bought me many  years ago.

Wishing you all Christmas wishes!


  1. Wow that is more than a gingerbread house, it's an gingerbread estate. Totally cool.

  2. What a fabulous gingerbread house. Mine usually ends up in shambles, and I just eat all the candy lol! Nice work :)

  3. Thanks guys! It was a lot of fun!