Monday, December 5, 2011

Inspiration Push # 2 + Goof Balls layout + Special Love layout

Ok so here goes week 2!

As requested the item from your stash is...... Chip board accents. I also again have tons of this stuff. Considering how much of it usually comes in a package it seems I can never really get through it. Here's an example....

The quote is coming from a cardstock sticker that I fell in love with from Glitz.

"Today is worth ten yesterdays"

I'm actually in the middle of a layout that will have this incorporated into it along with some more chipboard accents. Which I will add to this post later on today.

So we have:

Inspiration Push # 2
:Stash: Chipboard accents
:Quote: "Today is worth ten yesterdays"

So have fun digging in your stash!
Get inspired.....

I have already done one layout using some chip board accents.....Goof Balls. We love to goof around, especially when there is a photo booth in sight. We are always having fun!

OK here's the other layout. The sticker just didn't go so I guess I'll have to make another layout :)

This layout was also featured on Craft Gossip. You can see it here


Still working on my Advent calendar. I'm conflicted on which numbers to use. Other than that it's all done. Will post during the week.

~Jenns Doodles

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